About Us

We are a family-owned-and-operated business based in Boston, MA who pride ourselves on bringing the largest selection of themed candles, wax melts, fragrance sprays, fragrance oils, hand sanitizers, and lotions directly to our customers.  We have a deep love for theme-parks, Harry Potter, Friends, and all things pop-culture.  We enjoy developing new scents based on current events, and have fun imagining what our buyers might like.  We are always building our collections, and are happy to hear from YOU! Please join our mailing list and follow us on Instagram to get the latest news and coupon codes!


About our products

All of our scents are hand-made with 100% soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and organic cotton wicks.  Soy wax is our preferred choice as it is a natural and renewable source, made from readily-available soybeans.  Additionally, soy wax burns more slowly and evenly than paraffin, so candles will last longer.  We also use one and half times the "standard' fragrance-to-oil ratio, which guarantees that our candles and wax melts will have a longer, stronger throw.  Lastly, our organic cotton wicks are natural, sustainable, and clean-burning!


We have a 100% happiness guarantee—if you don’t like something, let us know! We will go over and above to make it right!